3D printers are the technology that next generations will grow up with. They won’t be able to even imagine the word without it. It’s going to be as Television was for me – a kid form the 80s, Computers and Internet for the ones belonging to the 90s’ , and mobile phones for the kids born in the 2000s – a vital part of the one’s life; inspiring to imagine, plan and create.
Called Children of the Tech revolution or digital natives, parented by the Baby Boomers and their free spirited parenting style those children are growing up surrounded by technology. The Children of the Tech Revolution will not only want but need 3D printing.


They (as you are) are encouraged to speak their mind, to explore, to be themselves. All the social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc etc – propagandize the “express yourself”. They induce you to put out there your opinion, tastes, and believes. And more importantly they support and advocate the personal uniqueness. They encourage creativity.

It’s all about customization!

What better way to transform your ideas into realities, to boost your imagination and materialize your ideas than 3D printing?
The geniuses of this century had taken and combined different technologies to create the ultimate device – the smart phone! Listen to music, watch movies/videos, capture and save precious moments, connect, explore…even do work! Countless applications! The Smartphone is this vital device nowadays that you don’t leave your home without.
The only drawback – it is mass-produced device. No hint of uniqueness. Yes you can buy cases, but… they also are mass produced!
Or not…

Now we at My 3D Concepts offer you the opportunity to turn your phone into that device that not only is an inseparable part of your life, but also an expression of your own uniqueness.

We can help you create a case that captures your personal style; that sends a message – your message!

Variety of colors and materials, unlimited number of designs – your personal phone case can be an artisan work that is not only unique and but also durable!

You don’t need to be X, Y, Z generation…you just need to have vivid imagination and desire to create.

And you do not need to walk into numerous stores, search countless of websites just to find that phone case (or any product as a matter of fact) that best fits your wants and needs. All you need to do is visit us at 343 E Cooper Ave, Aspen and share your vision.
Don’t satisfy with something that is the closest thing to what you want, because now we can help you have exactly what you want! 
All you need to do is find your inspiration and send us your idea for design!