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Product Development Projects: From Idea To Completion

3D Design

It Always Starts With A 3D Model. From Engineering Projects To Artistic Creations We Create Custom 3D Print Ready Files.


3D Visualization Is A Really Powerful Tool. Whether It’s Software Or A Physical Model Our Masterpiece Is Sure To Please.

Custom Branding

Be Bold! Your Idea And Our Creativity Can Go A Long Way. Your Marketing Will Be Customized And Flexible.

3D Education & Training

There’s Never Been A Better Time To Start 3D Printing! We Can Guide You Through Every Step. Anything You Need To Know From Software And Hardware To Materials And More.


It’s A Smart Thing To Do! Use Our Expertise To Implement 3D Printing Into Your Field Of Work. Let Us Show You How These Interactive Innovations Will Drive Progress And Results.


Need A 3D Print Job?

Prices vary based on size, print quality, infill material and detail. We do our absolute best to meet your budget! Once the file is received we will get back to you with a quote, which can usually be provided the same day. Depending on the caliber and quantity, your 3D File(s) will be printed in the next day or two. Finished prints can be shipped or held in store for pick up.


3D Hubs

It is an online platform providing over 1 Billion people access to 3D Printing. Anyone can “upload” a 3D File, choose color and proper material and then select a LOCAL HUB. In exchange for a certain amount, they will print the object. We choose to put our expertise and 3D Printers at others’ disposal  by opening our own HUB.




3D printing is a process of making a three-dimensional solid object of virtually any shape from a digital model. It is achieved using an additive process, where successive layers of material are laid down in different shapes. It’s also referred as “additive manufacturing” for this reason.

The 3D printing technology is used for both prototyping and end use products/distributed manufacturing with applications in architecture, construction (AEC), industrial design, automotive, aerospace, military, engineering, civil engineering, dental and medical industries, biotech (human tissue replacement), fashion, footwear, jewelry, eyewear, education, geographic information systems, food, and many other fields.

It has been speculated that 3D printing may become a mass market item because open source 3D printing can easily offset their capital costs by enabling consumers to avoid costs associated with purchasing common household objects.


Prepare Yourself …

There’s never been a better time to start 3D printing! In order to lead a new era of green and clean manufacturing, we need to keep technology and innovation at the forefront to be prepared for tomorrow’s challenges. The jobs of the future will require specialized skills like 3D printing. Your opportunity to position yourself is here but where do you start? Firstly you need to have access to the right tools and proper education which is why My 3D Concepts is here! We bring people’s imagination to a higher level and empower them to think differently and embrace a new world of continual innovation. Our training program is for visionaries, students, enthusiasts, businesses and anyone out there who wants to stay at the cutting edge of the future! Here are our Training and Consulting Services 


Moving Towards Eco-friendly…

We believe in being eco-friendly, protecting the environment and creating while saving our natural resources. We believe that 3D technology is the next logical step in the manufacturing process, and that as part of our future it will help achieve the goal of producing and creating without destroying.

Being Eco-friendly is a way of life not a trend or buzz word. It exemplifies a philosophy and an action. Guiding the way we live, work and produce the items we need in a manner which is safe for our environment and in a way to conserve and protect the inhabitants and resources of our planet. Embracing eco-friendly initiatives creates an atmosphere of excitement, thrill and even euphoria especially as our society becomes more responsible and respectful towards its environment…. Read More


The Possibilities for Tomorrow are Endless

The variety of applications of this progressive technology is growing constantly at the same time as the costs to own it are decreasing. With nearly zero waste in printing, the process and unlimited ability for customization is providing infinite possibilities. Its use in medicine and engineering are rising and promising. Perhaps one will not be able to print a functioning heart and transplant it in a person today, but tomorrow is coming, and it is coming quickly.

Skeptics abound in today’s culture, but that is typical of most huge advances in science and technology. Many people doubted a rocket would ever leave Earth’s atmosphere, let alone land on the moon. Personal computers and cell phones were completely unrealistic less than 40 years ago and no one could have anticipated the power of the internet and world wide connection. One cannot predict the future, but that does not stop us from hoping, dreaming, trying and succeeding… Read More